The fairest rules you've ever read.

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The Shadow
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Sep 11, 2018
Our intention and vision of PrisonUniverseNET is to create a space, totally free of any real life problems enjoyable for everyone to play at but this is a goal very hard to reach. To prevent idiots from ruining our servers vision, we created this list of easy-to-follow rules.

We didn‘ t make these rules to prevent you from having fun, quite the reverse!
We wanna avoid situations other players want to ruining your nice and joyful session at our network.
Together we can make PrisonUniverse a place to have fun with friends at.

Kinds of punishments
There are temp-bans and perm bans, as well as temp-mutes and perm mutes and as additional punishment (for the extremly rude of you) stats-/progressreset. That means loosing everything.

When you’ve been banned at either Minecraft Network, TeamSpeak or forum, you won’t be banned at the other two instances automatically (only if you were banned there before).
You didn’t break any rules? Prove us by sending us any useful information about your case at
> We accept your appeal:
- You will be unbanned/unmuted.
- We
can’t restore your stats (if deleted by us before). We’re sorry for that.

> We don’t accept your appeal:
- You won’t be unbanned/unmuted.
- You can try a 2nd time in 3 month. Good luck in beforehand!
- Agressive and annoying behavior with regard to the abolition of your punishment can result in highering your punishments duration/ making it permanent/ resetting your stats.

1. Be respectful and nice to everyone!
In order to keep things fun we want all of you to be nice with each other. Even though it might just be a problem between you and another person, it also affects the whole servers social climate. This rule also includes insults (inter alia against specific grouping), hate speech, racism, neo-socialism, nudity or immoral/reprehensible chatting/ skins/ clan tags/ etc.
>>> Breaking this rule might get you a temp- or permanent mute on all our servers, depending on the severity of the rule violation.

2. No exploiting or cheating!
We want to keep our Prisons fair places to be. Because of that, hack clients and any exploit software and related are totally forbidden! Should one of our metal detectors detect clients or exploit software, that might result in a perm ban. Of course, bug-using and related isn’t allowed as well.
>>>Breaking this rule gets you a temp- or permanent ban on all our servers, depending on the severity of the rule violation. Temporary ban lasts for at least 30 days.

3. Safety and privacy is important!
It’s not allowed to share account data, personal information or related to any person on the network. There are people out there you wouldn’t even meet in your darkest dreams. Never send links relating to illegal pages or services, idiotic web pages nobody wants to visit, phishing websites, porn or other immoral and/or reprehensible links.
>>>Breaking one of these rules might get you everything from a temp-mute up to a perm-ban on all our servers, depending on the severity of the rule violation. Temporary ban lasts at least for 30 days.

We hope, PrisonUniverse stays a safe and healthy place for all of us.
If you found a rulebreaker please notify us at our TeamSpeak or via the forum. You might also text me aswell, I'm here to help!
We wish you a nice stay at!

PS.: If you think, there's a rule missing here, please let us know by telling us at the new feedback forum.
Thank you for your help in making the server a safer place.

The PrisonUniverse-Team
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